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As I'm working on the new interface of MyOwnDB based on YUI, I have discovered 2 subtle differences between IE and FF when creating nodes with YUI 3.

1. You can't change attribute values of INPUT nodes created from a template using the long closing node syntax

Update: IE is actually doing the right thing, as the input tag does not accept a closing tag as defined by the W3C .

By long syntax, I mean closing a tag with an explicit closing tag:

as opposed to the short syntax:

If you create an input node with YUI3 based on the long syntax with IE, you won't be able to set attribute values:

The solution is to use the short syntax to close your tag:

Note that this is only for input nodes. Divs are workling fine with the long syntax:

2. With IE, you can't set the type of an input node to "file"

This code will generate a file field with FF, but a text field with IE:

If you want to make it work with IE, you have to make your template include the type attribute:

I've put a demo page for those interesting in the code, with a YUI console.

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